Why your dental health matters.

For many, a routine dental visit often seems like a chore and feels unnecessary: why have to pay to have your teeth cleaned when you do it daily at home?

Dentistry doesn’t always seem as important as those regular physicals with the family doc. But it is!495780253

What most people don’t realize is the strong connection between dental health and overall physical health. Poor dental health can affect and be affected by bigger health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. In most cases, patients don’t realize they have a developing oral health issue until it has become either an emergency or is causing additional dental health issues.

Visiting the dentist regularly for preventive care offers many benefits and is important for overall health. It is an investment in your healthcare that will “pay off” in the future.

Benefits of preventive dentistry:

  • Dental cleanings are more thorough than at home brushing: our dental hygienists will clean all tooth surfaces and polish the enamel, noting if teeth appear worn or damaged.
  • Dental exams and x-rays can spot possible problems in the early stage.
  • Oral health can often be a window into overall health: larger problems may be spotted early on as they begin to affect dental health, often apparent in gum health.
  • Patients who visit the dentist twice per year as recommended experience better long term dental health and quality of life.

Avoiding the dentist and allowing dental problems to go untreated for long periods of time can eventually lead to complex problems- even tooth loss.

For the adult and senior patient, a healthy smile can directly affect daily routines: patients with missing teeth or poor oral health may have to make dietary adjustments and may avoid social situations if speech has been affected.

Maintain your smile. It is an important part of you – and your overall health!

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Porcelain veneers may be the solution for your smile makeover!

Dr. Andrew Cobb, a cosmetic and general dentist in Washington, DC, offers a variety of cosmetic procedures to his patients who are either in need of restorative dental work or want to improve their smile!

For patients who want a smile makeover to correct chipped, damaged or slightly crooked teeth, Dr. Cobb offers porcelain veneers for high quality, long lasting results. Porcelain veneers provide patients with the smile they desire and are expertly crafted to fit in with the rest of their natural teeth. Many patients will choose porcelain veneers when looking to improve the appearance of the front teeth, or those that are seen most prominently when smiling.

Dr. Cobb will prepare the tooth surface for veneers in a conservative fashion, removing only as much of the surface as necessary for a lasting and comfortable fit. The process will take place over several appointments and the veneers will be custom made for each patient from impressions taken in Dr. Cobb’s Washington dental office. The final restorations will be placed after the custom veneers are fabricated in a dental lab.

As an alternative to porcelain veneers, Dr. Cobb also offers tooth bonding for patients who want to cover a chip or crack in a tooth that is noticeable when smiling. Dr. Cobb, a member of the AACD, is an experienced cosmetic dentist and can offer patients excellent results with this more cost effective alternative when it is a suitable option.

Tooth bonding is called a “direct restoration” and is a process where a cosmetic resin material is attached directly to the affected area of the tooth. The material is matched to a patient’s natural tooth color, providing aesthetically appealing results for correction of minor cosmetic issues.

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Sports drinks may affect dental health.

Exercise is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle, but for many the consumption of sports drinks and sport gels or snacks has become a part of their nutrition during a workout or training session. Although our bodies need the calories and hydration, especially with endurance training, dentists are noticing what the added sugars are doing to our oral health.

A Washington area dentist, Dr. Cobb emphasizes to his patients the importance of both reducing sugar consumption and flushing the mouth after a meal, snack or sugary drink to remove harmful bacteria and prevent the onset of tooth decay. 496663581

It is important to drink water after a sports drink or snack to help rinse the mouth and reduce the bacteria that can promote tooth decay and cavities. Chewing sugarless gum after a workout can increase saliva production and reduce bacteria on the surfaces of the teeth and around the gum line. This is, of course, in addition to regular brushing and flossing as part of a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Dr. Cobb may recommend additional at home oral hygiene practices or products for patients who show consistent signs of tooth decay or have developed gum disease as a result of a diet high in added sugars, as can be found in sports drinks.

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T-Scan® technology : accurate diagnosis for better treatment results.

Dr. Cobb uses T-Scan® for diagnosing bite disorders in his patients, enabling him to make more accurate diagnoses of imbalances in the bite.

Recently recommended by the Dawson Academy as the preferred malocclusion diagnostic tool, T-Scan has been proven to be more effective than the traditional methods such as marking paper. Dr. Cobb, a Dawson trained dentist, has incorporated this technology into his Washington DC dental office as part of a dental exam to ensure that his patients receive the dental care they need for optimal oral health: an imbalanced bite or malocclusion, can lead to a variety of dental health problems down the road if not diagnosed and treated effectively.tscan

The T-Scan device is a thin sensor that provides Dr. Cobb with an accurate reading of the forces of a patient’s bite when they bite down on it. The computer generated analysis can aid in treatment planning, often enabling Dr. Cobb to spot potential future problems and correct them before they fully develop and cause damage to the teeth or gums.

Dr. Cobb understands that a balanced bite is the foundation for a healthy smile. Dental technology, such as the T-Scan® offers many benefits to dental patients and can help keep the natural teeth strong for the long run.

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Gum disease can affect your dental health.

Gum disease is one of the most common dental health issues with more than 75% of adults having some form of the disease at some point in their lives.

Treating gum disease is important for both dental health and overall health as many studies have shown the relationship between poor oral health and physical health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, among others. Patients with gum disease may not realize that they have until they visit Dr. Cobb for a regular visit or come in for an emergency visit due to a more serious problem. In advanced stages, gum disease can even lead to tooth loss.

Stages of Gum Disease

Gingivitis: this is the earliest stage of gum disease and when it is the most treatable. Gingivitis may be characterized by sensitive or bleeding gums because the soft tissue has become somewhat inflamed due to the presence of harmful bacteria.

Periodontitis: the later form of gum disease, periodontitis develops when gum disease has advanced enough to cause substantial irritation and swelling, creating pockets around the teeth where bacteria can get in and affect the tooth structure, often leading to loose or lost teeth.

Dr. Cobb offers periodontal therapy to treat gum disease and restore oral health. For patients with gingivitis, or the earliest signs of gum disease, a thorough cleaning may be sufficient. In some cases a procedure called scaling and root planing, an intense cleaning and scraping of the deeper recesses of the gums, is required to remove plaque and prevent further damage.

For patients who have more advanced gum disease such as periodontitis, Dr. Cobb may recommend a more complex procedure such as laser surgery on the affected tissue.

Restoring gum health is important in order to keep the teeth strong and healthy- maintaining a good oral hygiene routine at home is also a part of keeping gum disease from developing or returning.

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Could your facial pain be a sign of TMJ?

Facial pain, tenderness and frequent headaches can often be a sign of a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly called TMJ. These bite disorders are a result of an imbalance in the masticatory system and can be difficult to diagnose without the proper expertise and diagnostic tools.

ADA video

Washington dentist Dr. Andrew Cobb specializes in complex dental problems and the diagnosis of bite disorders such as TMJ. He will perform a thorough exam using some of the latest on dental technology and determine where the imbalance is before recommending a course of treatment. Dr. Cobb provides a wide variety of treatment options for patients with complex bite disorders like TMJ, including oral appliance therapy.

If you have been suffering with facial pain and headaches, discuss these symptoms with Dr. Cobb and begin to restore your oral and overall health!

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Dental bonding can transform chipped, cracked and discolored teeth!

Crooked, damaged and chipped teeth can be straightened, repaired and restored quickly with tooth bonding. Dr. Andrew Cobb, a Washington, DC cosmetic dentist, offers a variety of tooth bonding procedures to correct your dental problems and give you the smile you desire.

Tooth bonding can serve as an economical transition to a more permanent solution, such as porcelain veneers. Tooth bonding is not permanent and can be removed if necessary or so desired for additional cosmetic treatment.

ADA video

This short video shows how tooth bonding is not only effective, but a relatively painless and easy procedure that can provide excellent results. Dr. Cobb is an experienced cosmetic dentist who can offer tooth bonding results that look and feel natural, blending with your adjacent natural teeth and providing a comfortable smile. Tooth bonding that looks and feels natural, enhancing a patient’s smile, is accomplished by an experienced cosmetic dentist who can skillfully apply the bonding compound to the tooth’s surface.

Tooth bonding, both transitional and direct, typically lasts about 5 years when the teeth are cared for with routine preventive visits with Dr. Cobb in his Washington DC office- and good oral hygiene at home.

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Washington cosmetic dentist: how can dental implants help you?


Dental implants offer many benefits to patients who have lost a tooth (or teeth), including supporting better long term oral health. A Washington, DC cosmetic and restorative dentist offering dental implants, Dr. Cobb will meet with you to discuss your personal goals and examine your oral health before recommending treatment to replace a lost tooth or secure loose dentures with implants.

While dental implants can provide patients with a natural looking and functioning “new tooth” that blends with their natural smile, a dental implant also helps to reduce bone loss in the jaw- a common side effect of losing a tooth that can eventually cause more complex dental health issues.

When placing a dental implant, Dr. Cobb does not have to prepare adjacent teeth, as is typical in the use of a dental bridge or appliance. When healthy teeth have to be affected to accommodate an appliance they may lose some of their structural integrity, putting them at greater risk of needing additional restorative treatment in the future.

Patients have enjoyed a greater than 90% satisfaction rate with dental implants, which allow them to eat, speak and go about their typical daily routine without dietary changes or the use of adhesives and special cleaners!

Dr. Cobb will go over the entire dental implant process with you, coordinating care with a local oral surgeon and following up to ensure that your treatment is successful. Dr. Cobb will place the final restoration and will monitor the long term results at regular preventive care visits to his Washington dental office.

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Washington dentist offers oral hygiene tips.

Regular preventive care visits with Washington dentist Dr. Cobb are an important part of maintaining life long oral health, but good oral hygiene between visits can be just as important!

Understanding the best ways to care for your teeth at home can help to prevent dental health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay- common issues that can lead to bigger oral health problems if untreated!

Good oral hygiene should include:

Commit to a daily oral hygiene routine: brushing, flossing and using dental care products that will keep your smile healthy between visits is key to long term oral health. Dr. Cobb will often recommend appropriate hygiene products to patients who are having a health issue.

Use fluoride products: this applies to both children AND adults! Fluoride helps keep tooth enamel strong and healthy.

Brush and floss: practicing these daily helps to reduce the development of gum disease and tooth decay.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet with limited sugar: added sugars have caused an increase in both oral and overall health issues for today’a dental patients. Limiting sugar is important for overall good health and will also reduce tooth decay.

Stop the use of tobacco: smoking contributes to halitosis, damaged and stained teeth as well as gum disease- if possible, quit smoking!

Perform oral exams at home: looking for and informing Washington dentist Dr. Cobb of changes in the teeth and gums on a regular basis can mean quicker treatment of developing dental problems.

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Oral cancer screening can be a life saver! Get screened. | Washington, DC

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month- are you aware of the common signs and symptoms?

Oral cancer symptoms can include:

  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Lump in the throat or neck
  • Persistent earache- often in both ears
  • Numbness in or around the mouth

Many of the early signs or symptoms of oral cancer can be noticed by Dr. Cobb during routine preventive care in his Washington, DC dental office: early symptoms are usually subtle and difficult for patients to notice. Oral cancer is on the rise in the U.S. and unfortunately leads to approximately 8,000 deaths per year. While smoking and tobacco use has long been considered the major cause of oral cancers, the rise of the HPV virus has led to an increase in the number of cases worldwide and is now considered to be a leading cause of this type of cancer. Unfortunately, oral cancer is often diagnosed in the later stages and is difficult to treat and cure. Dentists like Dr. Cobb, who screen for oral cancer during routine visits, are trying to reduce the number of patients who fall into this category.

Oral cancer screening is quick and painless- and can save your life!

Preventive dental care is even more important when patients consider that these visits offer Dr. Cobb the opportunity to spot developing health issues in their earliest stages, offering the best chance for successful treatment. Preventive care not only helps to support good dental health, but is a part of maintaining overall health and well being: there is often a correlation between a patient’s oral health condition and the state of their physical health.

Be a part of the solution to the problem of rising oral cancer rates: schedule a routine visit with Dr. Cobb and get screened!

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