Digital & Cosmetic Imaging Washington DC

Digital Imaging used by Washington DC Dentist Dr. CobbDr. Cobb utilizes the latest technology in his practice to ensure the highest level of patient care. Dental digital imaging allows Dr. Cobb to analyze, diagnose, treat dental conditions with a high level of accuracy. Important medical information can be digitally archived in a secure manner with out the risk of deterioration. Dr. Cobb incorporates dental imaging into several aspects of his practice with the use of digital photography and digital radiography.

When considering cosmetic procedures and restorative dentistry, it helps to “see” what the results will look like before you begin. Of course you are familiar with digital photography. When combined with cosmetic dental imaging software, Dr. Cobb can provide a window into the future by simulating the results of proposed procedures. Though digital imaging can not guarantee the simulated results, it can allow Dr. Cobb to more effectively communicate the details of your procedure and expected outcome.

Another valuable aspect of modern technology is digital radiographs. A form of x-ray imaging, this technology surpasses the conventional use of x-ray films which are subject to deterioration over time. In addition, digital radiographs subject the patient to much lower levels of radiation. And because of their digital format, images can be easily manipulated, duplicated and shared with medical specialists.