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Tekscan Technology

Modern technologies have made a significant impact in all aspects of healthcare. New equipment and devices make some procedures easier to perform with more accurate results. Tekscan is a company that has devoted itself to creating sensor technology that helps dental professionals all around the world.

An example of Tekscan technology is the T-scan system. This handheld device is used to allow dentists to analyze a patient’s bite to determine how balanced it is. Dentists can use the T-scan to provide their patients with the appropriate treatment as soon as possible for an unstable bite. If a patient’s bite is unstable it can cause extreme pain or discomfort, tooth loss, gum disease, headaches, broken restorations, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

Evaluating occlusal forces has been made much easier with the T-scan. The patient bites down on a sensor while the computer analyzes the timing and force of the bite. 3-D or 2-D graphics displayed allow the dentist to see what is appropriate and what is not right with the patient’s bite. The precision of the T-scan allows dentists to get fast, accurate results in a timely manner which helps them to deal with the problem efficiently.

Before the development of the T-scan, dentists relied on articulation paper, pressure indicator paste, or waxes to determine the balance of occlusal forces. None of these, however, can measure both force and timing accurately. Detecting simultaneous contact was not possible using any of these methods because they were not sensitive enough to do so. Tekscan has developed sensor technology such as the T-scan to aid dentists in precise results in an efficient amount of time.

Tekscan has been committed to delivering the most helpful sensors and sensing systems to many medical and dental practices around the world. Companies that rely on force or pressure distribution measurement can benefit tremendously from the technology devices that Tekscan delivers.