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The Many Facets of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes general dentistry with an artistic twist. It has all of the functional necessities for effective tooth treatment and repair with the added factor of making the dental work look as attractive as possible. The cosmetic dentist uses special materials along with composite and ceramic technology to achieve beautiful results while maintaining the durability and integrity of the dental work. Cosmetic dentistry requires much more instruction than general dentistry. Usually, only those dentists who are truly passionate about restoring their patients’ beautiful smiles will take the time to undergo this highly technical schooling.

Even though, “time stops for no person,” a smile makeover through cosmetic dental surgery is an easy way to peel away the years and restore a youthful, happy appearance.
Of the dozens of different cosmetic dentistry options, one of the simplest and most popular procedures is teeth whitening.

As people age, their teeth begin to darken. Teeth whitening can help eliminate this problem quickly and easily . There are many different methods used to achieve this. One method uses translucent bleaching gel with a special light. Another uses a laser, and another uses a custom fitted tray with a bleaching compound. Anyone who is interested in teeth whitening should consult his or her dentist for a consultation to find the right solution.

What were once unsightly amalgam fillings are currently being replaced by cosmetic dentistry procedures that use composite materials or porcelain to achieve a result that amazingly resemble the color of the patient’s own teeth. This helps maintain the patient’s natural smile and is done in a way that tries to retain the structure of as much of the tooth as possible. Amalgam fillings are rapidly gaining a controversial status because of their mercury content.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures offer many different options for those who are not satisfied with their smiles. Some of them include implants, veneers, dental bridges, laser dentistry and other procedures that only a highly qualified cosmetic dentist can achieve. Anyone who is considering cosmetic dentistry should make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist for a consultation.