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Pain Relief with TMJ Therapy

People often suffer great pain when their teeth do not align correctly or if there is something wrong with the two joints in front of their ears that connect the lower jaw to the skull, known as TMJ joints. This is known as temporomandibular joint disorder. In most cases, people with this disorder endure migraines, facial and jaw aches, neck and back pain, and have an abnormal bite. Other symptoms include chewing difficulty, emitting clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth, chronic earaches, and teeth grinding.

Analysis and a careful examination of the patient’s TMJ joints and mouth allow dentists and orthodontists to create specialized therapy treatment plans. In minor cases, corrective therapy aims to relax muscles and calm down inflammation. This can be done through gentle jaw exercises, a soft diet regimen, and warm and cold moist compressors. Other treatment methods include utilizing a splint, oral medication, facial massages, and in extreme cases, surgery. Long term treatment can last well over six months.

Chronic headaches, body aches, and trouble chewing are just a few symptoms that people with TMJ disorder endure. TMJ therapy is an effective method that aims to allow people to feel relief and smile without pain again.