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For many people, a fear of traditional braces can be a barrier to straight teeth. Metal braces are usually worn by children, so older teens may feel that a mouth full of metal will make them look younger than they are. Adults who need to have their teeth straightened worry that metal braces will make them look juvenile or unprofessional. The metal parts on traditional braces can irritate sensitive tissues in the mouth, make flossing and other dental hygiene difficult and leave discolorations on teeth. Invisalign solves these problems with a clear plastic aligner that can be removed at any time.

Invisalign’s clear aligner trays are virtually invisible in the mouth. They can be removed for brushing, flossing, eating and playing sports. Invisalign can provide all of the health benefits of braces by gently rearranging teeth, preventing periodontal problems caused by teeth that are crowded or widely spaced. These aligners are made without BPA, a chemical that can leach into the mouth from cheaply made plastics.

The clear plastic trays used in this procedure are custom shaped with the help of x-rays and impressions of the patient’s teeth. This ensures that the aligner trays fit each individual’s mouth perfectly. There should not be any rough spots, chafing or rubbing with a well-made tray. After the initial fitting, the patient receives a whole set of clear aligners. Every two weeks, the patient switches to a new aligner until the set is used up and the teeth are perfectly positioned. This simple process requires only occasional checkups and can be finished in a time frame comparable to traditional braces.

Many teens and adults choose to use these clear plastic products because they want the benefits of dental health without the appearance or irritation of metal braces. Invisalign’s products allow patients to look professional and stay comfortable while reaping the benefits of flawlessly aligned teeth.