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Dental Implants are Beneficial and Make Your Smile Beautiful | Washington DC

There are many way for a dentist to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants are one solution that stands out amongst all of the other methods because of the versatility and their long term stability of the implants. In some case, teeth that have been damaged can be treated with a crown or a veneer. These procedures can restore the appearance of teeth temporarily, but they often fail to address larger issues that could require more dental work in the future. Implants take a comprehensive approach to the problems of missing or damaged teeth that will last a lifetime.

A dental implant is a device that is inserted into the gums of the mouth in order to act as a permanent and stable root for an artificial tooth. The implant must be placed surgically and is actually mounted into the bone where a natural tooth root would normally be. Once the implant is in place it can be used as a foundation for a variety of techniques to reconstruct functional teeth. There are even instances where several implants can be placed in the mouth to support a wide bridge for patients who have lost multiple teeth.

Choosing a dental implant means undergoing oral surgery that can take several months to complete as the root of the tooth is slowly rebuilt. The result, however, is a mechanism in the mouth that has the same strength and abilities as a natural tooth root. Additionally, the teeth that are attached to an implant can be changed as needed without extensive surgery. The flexibility of being able to design teeth that do not rely on underlying natural structures gives dentists the ability to make new teeth that are superior to other reconstructive methods.

Since new teeth that are attached to dental implants are freed from many of the limitations that can affect veneers or crowns, the teeth can be made to look more natural. They can also be created in a way that makes them interact more favorably with the surrounding natural teeth. The overall appearance of dental implants is very close to the natural smile that a patient might have once enjoyed.