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Cobb Dentistry in Washington D.C. offers quality care for all your dental needs

Andrew C. Cobb Dentistry in Washington D.C. focuses on bringing a comprehensive approach to dental care and health. The dental office uses the latest technology and newest materials to deliver the highest possible patient care.

The Washington D.C. dentist specializes in cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry services. The dental office also provides general dentistry services in an effort to teach patients about good oral health and make their teeth and gums more healthy. Periodontal evaluations are also given during regular appointments to protect gums from further damage and to develop treatment plans before any long-lasting damage is done.

In an effort to make patients feel more comfortable during dental services, Andrew C. Cobb Dentistry offers several unique amenities in the dental office. This includes warm towels, iPads and iPods for patients to use, noise canceling headphones and Hi-Resolution video glasses. This Washington D.C. dentist makes very effort to keep patients calm and relaxed during general dentistry or other necessary procedures.

Among the services that the dentist office provides are dental implants, crowns and bridgework, bonding and tooth colored fillings, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and TMJ Therapy. TMJ Therapy is a group of disorders that limit mobility in the tempromandibular joint and the tissue that surrounds the joint. This Washington D.C. dentist develops specialized treatment plans for patients that suffer from these disorders to relieve pain and other symptoms.

When trying to find a Washington D.C. dentist, consider the technology the dental offices uses. Andrew C. Cobb Dentistry uses a variety of different technology resources including digital impressions, digital imaging, lasers, Tek Scan and Smart Moves. Smart Moves works to align and straighten teeth to create a more beautiful smile. Improperly aligned teeth can also lead to further damage or even gum disease. Smart Moves uses invisible braces to correct these issues.

Andrew C. Cobb Dentistry is a general dentistry practice that cares about the well being of the patient. In addition to other services, this local dentist office also looks into other dental-related health issues including frequent headaches, snoring and sleep apnea and bleeding gums. The goal is to make the patient as happy and healthy as possible.