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Implant Dentistry in Washington DC

If you are missing teeth and feel embarrassed by your smile, dental implants may be an option for you. Implant dentistry in Washington DC can offer you a permanent solution to one or many missing teeth, and dental implants can be much more comfortable that dentures or partials. Dr. Andrew Cobb and his dentist office in Washington DC can help you get the smile you have always wanted, and you can rest easy knowing you are dealing with a highly skilled and experienced dentist. The staff at this dentist office is committed to providing you with a satisfying and stress-free experience, and you can be sure Dr. Cobb will always view your oral care needs as his highest priority.

Missing teeth can cause you to avoid social situations and even business opportunities. With implant dentistry in Washington DC, you can replace broken or missing teeth and no longer sit on the sidelines of life. Although this is a great procedure, you must have an adequate and healthy jaw bone for the outcome to be successful. With implant dentistry, a post is surgically implanted into the bone, and the bone and implant fuse over time. In order for proper healing to take place, the bone must be able to support this new implant. The gums must be healthy and strong in order to heal from this minimally invasive surgery as well. You can be sure that Dr. Cobb will spend time evaluating your condition in order to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Dr. Cobb and his dentist office in Houston, Texas will take all measures to make sure your procedure is a success and produces a stellar smile, but you also have to commit to a lifetime of excellent oral care. Regular flossing and brushing will ensure your implants and other teeth remain beautiful and functional for a very long time. If you meet the criteria and commit to preventative oral care, you can have a beautiful, new smile.

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