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Dental Implants: Repairing and Replacing Broken or Missing Teeth

For those who are trying to find a dentist in Washington DC, Dr. Cobb is a local dentist of the area who has experience as a general dentist. While Dr. Cobb happens to perform general dentistry services, he also performs cosmetic dental procedures. Anyone who is looking to get dental implants in Washington DC will be able to do so in Dr. Cobb’s dental office. The general idea of a dental implant is to replace teeth that have been broken, damaged, or are missing from the mouth. Having dental implants can help to enhance the smile, making it more beautiful than ever before. The dental implants look exactly like the natural teeth and, they act the same as well. No one would be able to tell if a person has a dental implant in their mouth to replace a broken or lost tooth.

As a family dentist, Dr. Cobb believes that the most important step to getting the dental implants is the consultation phase. During the consultation, Dr. Cobb will get an extensive view of the teeth and the mouth, which will ultimately help him to determine if the dental implants are ideal for the specific patient. Once the consultation is completed, Dr. Cobb will come up with a personalized treatment plan for the patient, especially since each patient is different with a unique situation of the teeth. While the process of getting dental implants occurs over the span of a few months, this cosmetic procedure is worth it. The dental implants provide durability and strength for the teeth while enhancing the appearance of the smile. Dr. Cobb is one of the dentists in Washington DC who has experience with the process of dental implants. He also strives to ensure that each of his patients feel comfortable during their visit to his dentist office.