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Should you see Dr. Cobb, DDS if you have frequent headaches? | Washington, DC

Are you experiencing frequent headaches that cannot be diagnosed?

Do you experience ear, neck or facial pain?

Many Washington, DC area dental patients suffer from Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and are undiagnosed because the symptoms are not typical of dental health problems. Dr. Andrew Cobb, a general and cosmetic dentist in the Washington, DC area, offers the educational background and experience needed to correctly diagnose and treat TMD.

Signs and Symptoms of TMD:

• Noises in the TMJ, popping, clicking or grating
• Trauma, accidents may create disharmony in the TMJ
• Locked jaw
• Frequent headaches – There is a strong link between TMJ disorders and migraines.
• Difficulty eating or chewing
• Tired sensation after exercising the TMJ as in eating, chewing or speaking

Dr. Cobb has advanced training in the area of TMD and takes the time with each of his dental patients to evaluate the entire occlusal systmem (the bite) to understand the root cause of the TMD and its accompanying symptoms. His Washington, DC dental practice is equipped with the latest technology for use in diagnosing TMD and the condition of a patient’s occlusal system.

Dr. Cobb uses the TScan to analyze a patient’s bite. The TScan is an important tool that goes above and beyond other traditional analytics such as the x-ray to determine the balance of a patient’s bite. Dr. Cobb is able to use this diagnostic tool to see exactly how much force is being put on the structures of the occlusal system, especially the teeth. If a patient’s teeth are not aligning correctly and the bite is unbalanced, it can lead to other dental problems such as gum disease and damage to the teeth.

Dr. Cobb takes a conservative approach to all of his dentistry, including TMJ therapy. He believes that “less is best” and tries to avoid major procedures if possible.

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