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Teeth whitening: a quick smile makeover! | Dr. Andrew Cobb, DDS

It is well-known that whiter teeth and a brighter smile can make a person feel confident about their smile and their personal appearance. However, maintaining a bright smile on a daily basis can be difficult, and as people age, their teeth slowly tend to yellow as a result of the consumption of dark foods and beverages, smoking and simply aging.

Dr. Andrew Cobb, DDS, a general and cosmetic dentist serving Washington, DC, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda is here to help you freshen up your appearance and give you that sense of confidence by bringing back that white, bright smile- possibly even brighter than it has ever been!

Teeth whitening procedures have only improved over the past few years, and now the patient can actually choose exactly how they want their teeth to be whitened: at home with customized trays treated with whitening gel, or at Dr. Cobb’s dental office with the incredible Zoom® whitening system.

The Zoom whitening system takes just a couple of hours to make your teeth up to eight shades lighter; whitening gel can take up to two weeks to accomplish the same task. At the same time, whitening gel is effective in that it whitens every single tooth equally due to the fact that each bleaching tray is custom-fitted to each patient’s set of teeth.

Both the take home kit and the Zoom® system are designed to be extremely comfortable, even for high-sensitivity gums. In addition, teeth whitening is typically described by patients as one of the most affordable, painless cosmetic treatments offered by dentists, and it is also one of the only dental treatments that results in such immediate positive effects.

The in office and take home teeth whitening methods offered by Dr. Cobb of Washington, DC are proven to be completely safe and effective, so why deal with an embarrassing smile for even just one more day? Contact Dr. Cobb to schedule a consultation and get yourself the smile that you have always wanted!