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Lasers Can Give You a Brighter Smile!

Lasers; the word paints a picture of outer space and sending signals into the unknown. Actually, they have much more common uses, such as reading product codes on groceries or measuring air pollution or cutting airplane parts. Now they are even closer. Go to the office of Dr. Andrew C. Cobb in Washington, D.C., settle into the dentist chair, and be treated with the newest in teeth and gum techniques – the art of laser dentistry.

The laser produces an intense, narrow beam of light energy that can remove or reshape tissue. It is a safe, effective, more precise way to perform many of the standard dental procedures, such as:

* exposing partially uncovered wisdom teeth
* performing biopsies
* treating root canal infections
* removing inflamed gum tissue
* reducing cold sore pain, and much more.

With a laser, the targeted area of the mouth can be cited more precisely than with standard techniques, thereby reducing bleeding and limiting swelling. There is very little post-operative pain after laser dentistry. Patients heal faster with lasers because the technique kills bacteria and stimulates new tissue growth.

In addition to techniques that restore gum tissue and tooth structure. Laser treatments bring back or, in some cases, create a good, healthy looking smile. Perhaps most desirable of all in this approach to treating dental problems is the fact that your next appointment may be conducted without a drill or any of the other uncomfortable looking tools that the dentist has often used. Imagine going to a dentist’s office without fear!

If you are considering or facing cosmetic, restorative, or general dental procedures, go to see Dr. Cobb at his office in Washington, D.C. Treat yourself to the new age of laser dentistry. You can relax a little more, your teeth and gums will feel and look better, and – best of all – it works!