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Brighten your smile this holiday season! | Dr. Cobb, Washington, DC

Is your smile ready for the holiday season?

Cosmetic dentistry can straighten, brighten and freshen up your smile with a variety of procedure options available at the dental office of Dr. Andrew Cobb, DDS.

Dr. Cobb offers his Washington, DC area dental patients the benefits of complete dentistry: dental procedures that are both the result of a thorough understanding of a patient’s entire occlusal system and strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Dr. Cobb seeks to provide long lasting results from every procedure that both look and feel natural.

Patients seeking a quick and economical “smile makeover” for the upcoming holiday season can choose between in office or at home teeth whitening. In an hour, patients can receive professional teeth whitening using the Zoom whitening system, leaving Dr. Cobb’s office with teeth that are up to 8 shades brighter! Too busy for an office visit this month? Dr. Cobb can prepare a customized take home kit complete with professional bleaching products that will provide results far superior to over the counter products. Remove stains, discoloration and years from your smile with a teeth whitening procedure.

Cosmetic issues can often have an underlying dental problem that needs to be addressed in order to experience optimal results: long lasting and comfortable. Dr. Cobb will perform a thorough exam to look for any imbalance in the bite before recommending a treatment plan, even for patients seeking a cosmetic change to their smile. Dr. Cobb has extensive post graduate training as well as over 25 years of experience as a cosmetic dentist, spending many hours volunteering his time to help needy patients both locally and abroad. Dr. Cobb understands the value of a smile to a person’s sense of confidence and their overall well being.

Schedule a visit and discuss your options with Dr. Cobb- get your smile ready for the holidays and restore your oral health for years to come!