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Enhance Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Over time, your teeth can become worn, dull, or discolored. Even with a structurally healthy smile, cosmetic concerns can still occur. Washington cosmetic dentist, Dr. Andrew Cobb offers natural-looking, long-lasting solutions for patients who want to enhance their natural smile. Dr.…


Will my face sag if I have missing teeth?

If you have ever seen a person with missing teeth you may have noticed that their jaw has recessed, and their face may appear like it is sagging. Facial sagging due to bone loss and a lack of structure due to…


Get Screened for Oral Cancer

Did You Know? Oral Cancer is diagnosed in 50,000 Americans a year. Many more go undiagnosed.  April is oral cancer awareness month.  With over 50,000 diagnoses a year, oral cancer is a high-risk dental health concern.  Dr. Andrew Cobb encourages patients of…


Happy National Dentist Day!

This month we celebrate National Dentist Day! In celebration, we invite you to visit our Washinton, DC area dentist office to learn how our comprehensive approach to your dental care can improve your health, confidence, and overall well being. In…


Ramp Up Oral Health, Prevent The Flu

While winter is winding down, cold and flu season is still in full swing. Just because the weather is slowly warming up does not mean you should let down your guard. Your oral hygiene and habits can help protect you…


What helps stop bleeding gums?

What helps stop bleeding gums? Before treating a symptom, it is important to understand the cause. Recurring bleeding of the gums is commonly a result of undetected gum disease. Your bleeding gums could be an indication of more damage to…