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Smart Moves Clear Aligners Washington DC

Dentist in Washington DC, Dr. Andrew CobbCrooked teeth are more than a cosmetic dental concern! Many patients are unaware of the oral health concerns crooked teeth can cause and often ignore the issue. Straight and properly aligned teeth are important components to a beautiful, healthy smile. Improper alignment can lead to damaged teeth, periodontal (gum) disease, and TMJ disorders. For patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems, Dr. Cobb offers Smart Moves®, or invisible braces. Addressing crooked teeth can help improve your confidence and your oral health.

Unlike other invisible braces systems, with Smart Moves® is tailored to each patient’s needs and there is no preset number of aligners to purchase. And unlike metal braces, the Smart Moves® aligners are virtually invisible and won’t interfere with your daily routine. They can be removed so you can eat and drink comfortably.

About Smart Moves® Invisible Braces

Smart Moves® is a brand of invisible braces, similar to Invisalign. Like the Invisalign system, the Smart Moves® Aligner System is customized to fit perfectly over your teeth and gradually adjust the alignment into a straighter smile.

Smart Moves® uses a two part aligner system. The first aligner is fabricated from exclusive 1.3mm Invisacryl™ Hard/Soft technology. This highly elastic, soft component is designed for maximum patient comfort and tooth movement. The second aligner is made of hard 1mm Invisacryl™, making it ideal for retention and minor movement.

How can I straighten my teeth without braces?

There are many options for addressing mild to moderate tooth misalignment without the need for traditional metal braces. We tailor treatments to the unique needs and dental concerns of each patient. Through a comprehensive consultation, your dentist will build a personalized treatment plan that will address tooth misalignment and promote overall oral wellness.

Your dentist in Washington DC offers Smart Moves for a discreet and effective way for all ages to correct crooked teeth. This system is a series of custom designed clear aligners that patients wear over their teeth for up to 22 hours a day. The aligners gradually shift teeth into alignment without the discomfort or bulk of metal braces. Aligners are barely visible to other people. Adults can straighten their teeth without the interference of their professional or personal lives.

Patients may also benefit from cosmetic treatments such as a dental crown or porcelain veneer. For misalignment that does not affect the health or function of the bite, these cosmetic solutions can improve the appearance of the smile.

Schedule an Appointment for Invisible Braces

Dr. Andrew Cobb uses cosmetic and restorative dentistry to build personalized solutions for straightening crooked teeth. Our dentist may also recommend cosmetic procedures for addressing minor tooth misalignment that does not impact the health or function of your bite. If your goal is straighter teeth, The Smart Moves® system is a cost-effective and highly efficient solution. Smart Moves® will gently reposition your teeth into a smile that you can be proud of, and customized for a perfect fit.

If you want to improve your oral health, contact Dr. Cobb to learn more about your options for achieving a straighter, beautiful smile. We welcome new patients to our warm and friendly dentist office. We serve patients in Washington DC, Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Montgomery County communities. Request an appointment today.