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Root Canals Washington, D.C.

If you need a root canal procedure, Dr. Andrew Cobb will refer you to a local endodontist for treatment. Dr. Cobb’s role is to design and coordinate a treatment plan that will result in a long lasting, comfortable and natural looking restoration of your tooth. When we mention the need for root canal treatment, we often have patients suddenly feel apprehension. Unfortunately, years of misinformation and punchlines in sitcoms have given people a very wrong idea about this important endodontics procedure. Far from the painful procedure it is portrayed as, the actual procedure is comfortable. It can help prevent tooth loss due to infection or an untreated dental abscess.

Facts About Root Canal Therapy

  1. The Procedure can Prevent Tooth Loss: When a tooth develops an infection, the patient experiences a number of uncomfortable symptoms, ranging from toothaches to pain when biting down or chewing. Eventually, the infection will continue to grow worse until the tooth requires removal to prevent the spread of infection. However, a root canal performed in a timely manner can help prevent tooth loss.
  2. Root Canal Treatment is Comfortable: The procedure involves opening the tooth to remove the infected tissue. The doctor then cleans the interior of the tooth and adds a restorative filling material before capping the tooth with a crown. We can administer a local anesthetic prior to ensure the treatment process is comfortable.
  3. Your Tooth Will Look Natural Afterward: We place a crown to complete the procedure because these restorations are strong and lifelike. Using CEREC technology, we can custom-make a natural looking crown from ceramic and place it in the same visit.
  4. We can Fix Cracked Teeth: In addition to dental infections, we can also use the procedure to repair teeth that have become fractured. If you have any questions about root canals or if you would like to schedule a visit, please contact our office today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

What is a root canal?

The term root canal is widely used to describe the root canal procedure, but in fact, every tooth has a root canal. A root canal treatment is needed when a tooth is damaged or has decay. When bacteria or infection is introduced in the root canal, it can cause pain, which is often the first sign that root canal therapy is needed.

Which is better: a root canal or a tooth extraction?

If you have tooth pain, the first step is to see a dentist for an evaluation. Dr. Cobb will examine the tooth to determine the source of the pain. In most cases, Dr. Cobb will support the decision to preserve the natural tooth either through a root canal procedure or other treatment method.

It is best to keep your original teeth whenever possible. A missing tooth almost always be replaced to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and to reduce the risk of bone loss, tooth decay and gum disease.

How much does a root canal cost?

The cost of root canal therapy will depend on your specific circumstances. Factors that go into determining the price of the root canal include the extent of damage to the tooth and type of restoration needed (ex. dental filing vs. dental crown). Some dental insurance providers will pay for all or part of the cost of root canal therapy.

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