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Tooth Bonding Washington, DC

Dental BondingAn Overview

Dr. Andrew Cobb is focused on providing personalized, comprehensive care for those who want to improve their smile. If you are looking to improve your smile, we offer a variety of services in our Washington, D.C dentist office, including Dental Bonding. Dental Bonding uses a tooth-colored resin that is cured to the teeth using a hardening light. Dental bonding can be used to:

  • Fill dental cavities
  • Repair chips cracks
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Fix misshapen teeth
  • To make teeth appear longer
  • Improve the appearance of stained teeth

Patients who suffer from a variety of dental issues can benefit from receiving a dental bonding. Receiving a dental bonding isn’t a long procedure, patients can usually receive a dental bonding in just one short visit to our Washington, D.C dentist office.

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We focus on providing personalized, comprehensive care to each and every one of our patients. If you are looking for an experienced dentist in the Washinton DC area, Contact Dr. Cobb online and schedule a consultation today.

Dental Bonding What to Expect

During the procedure, the tooth-colored composite material is applied directly to the tooth. Bonding requires the precision and artistic ability of a skilled cosmetic dentist since the work is done freehand without the use of molds or impressions.
Dr. Cobb has both the expertise and artistry to give you natural looking results. Dental composites are made of synthetic resins which are hardened with a specialized curing light. Dr. Cobb custom blends the color of the composite material, applies it directly to the tooth and then sculpts it into shape and brings it to a beautiful shine to match the look and feel of your other teeth.

Dental bonding is minimally invasive and can usually be completed in a single visit. Dental bonding may also be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures and as part of a smile design.

Dr. Cobb

Why choose Andrew C. Cobb, DDS?

Dr. Andrew Cobb is dedicated to your long term dental health and works with patients to balance the function and aesthetics of their smile for lasting beauty and comfort. Our Washington, D.C. dentist office is a warm, relaxing environment where patients are seen and treated as individuals. Your dental care is tailored to your unique needs and goals for your natural smile.

Dr. Cobb is an internationally recognized leader in his field, traveling the globe to lecture for the Dawson Academy. Our patients benefit from his longstanding commitment to advanced education and the incorporation of dental technology. The best possible patient experience, from your treatment to your results, is the foundation of our practice.