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Dawson Academy Teaching

Dr. Andrew Cobb is an alumni of the distinguished Dawson Academy and currently serves as a senior faculty member and director of the Core Curriculum.

In this capacity, Dr. Cobb teaches courses around the globe for current dental professionals seeking to improve both their practice and the patient experience with the Dawson principles of Complete Dentistry.

About The Dawson Academy

The Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry is a postgraduate educational and clinical research facility founded by Dr. Peter Dawson in 1979. Dr. Dawson is a world-renowned restorative dentist dedicated to the advancement of the dental profession. His Center focuses on the principles and skills necessary for the successful practice of complete quality and predictable dentistry with a primary concentration on occlusion, TMJ, prosthetic and esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Cobb completed the course curriculum at the Dawson Center in November of 2000 and is currently a teaching assistant with the Center.