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Washington DC Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

When I first met Dr. Cobb, I noticed his personality right away. He had a very good bedside manner and I felt convinced from the start that he was going to be able to fix my problems. He was very thorough and didn't really pull any punches. He told me the good and the bad, and gave me a really good scientific explanation. Being an engineer I appreciated that so I could understand the mechanics of what he was going to be doing over the next two years, and how the outcome would be. Since having the work done, it's really improved my confidence in speaking and smile. I used to unconsciously avoid the broad smile, but I don't anymore now. In business I notice especially people are complimenting me all the time when I smile, "what did you do?", "something looks good you look younger". That's always pleasing to hear. Just the sense of presence and ease working with dr. Cobb also helped me to understand the causes of the problems I was having. Ranging from sleep apnea to diet and exercise, he gave me some really good pointers and helped me see how I could manage my own health.Brian Boyland

Best dental service and always friendly! Great dentist, great team!Bart Harnhan-Jones

Dr. Cobb is an excellent dentist. During the four years I worked for him, I was able to see the positive transformations he brought to his patient's smiles. He always took such great care of his patients and has a gentle hand as a dentist. His soft spoken voice and calm demeanor allows for patients to feel comfortable and safe while in the dental chair, which can be very frightening for many people. He has state-of-the-art equipment and his training with Dawson Institute allows for top of the line dental care. He is one I highly recommend for your dental needs. Give him a try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.Tannia Alvarez