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Joint Vibration Analysis Washington, DC

What Is Joint Vibration Analysis ?

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) is among the latest technologies used in the analysis of TMJ function. This non-invasive tool records accurate and repeatable measurements in seconds and produces instant data for Dr. Cobb to interpret.

The human joints have surfaces that rub together; smooth, well-lubricated surfaces create little friction and as a result, little vibration. In some cases, these joints can be rough, due to age, damage or other causes. These rough surfaces produce increased friction and vibration. Depending on the type of disorder, certain kinds of disorders can create different wave patterns or signatures that can be interpreted by skilled professionals.

TMJ And Joint Vibration Analysis

tmj therapy washington dcDr. Cobb has invested in the JVA technology to help him quickly and accurately identify TMJ disorders.JVA allows Dr. Cobb to precisely measure the vibrations in a patient’s Temporomandibular joints. The painless process uses tiny electrodes strategically placed around the jaw area which record any friction occurring in the bite. Friction indicates that there are uneven or rough surfaces or that the bite is not aligned properly, all of which lead to the often painful symptoms of TMJ disorders.

After analyzing a patient’s joint vibrations, Dr. Cobb is able to make an accurate diagnosis of TMJ and develop a personalized treatment plan designed to address the underlying bite concerns for long term oral health and improved function.

Dr. Cobb stays up to date with advancements in technology by continuously studying disorders like occlusion and TMJ. restorative dentistry. Combined with his expertise in the field of modern dentistry, Dr. Cobb provides each patient with comprehensive dental care that results in long lasting, beautiful smiles.