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tscanTechnological advances in dentistry take much of the guesswork out of traditional analysis methods. Conventional methods for evaluating a patient’s bite require the use of articulating paper which can only show the end results of occlusal contact. Unable to record which contacts hit first or measure their relative strength, these methods can not produce a comprehensive assessment.

Dr. Andrew Cobb, DDS uses the T-Scan® III, a computerized occlusal (bite) analysis system. The handheld device allows him to quickly and accurately determine how well balance your bite is. You simply bite down on an ultra-thin sensor, which measures the time and force of your bite. The information is sent to the computer which analyzes and displays the data in minutes. From this 3-D analysis, Dr. Cobb can determine what is and what is not working with your bite.

An unstable bite can be painful and cause teeth and dental restorations to crack or break, and lead to gum disease, tooth loss or TMJ disorders. With hi-tech analysis, Dr. Cobb can provide you with timely and comprehensive solutions.